Collector Train Sets

train setThere are a number of model train sets, which vary in size, type and other details. This makes it quite a challenge to choose the right set. Nonetheless, when you put some factors into consideration, you will make your search narrower. Here is a look at some factors to put into mind when you are in search of the right model train set:

• Consider the size
Each set is made to any of the scales available. The scale is the proportion of the train to the real train or the prototype. Having an HO scale might need you to purchase an extra freight car and add to the train. There are some manufacturers that will have branded track systems that are not compatible with other control systems. The scale will matter a lot and there are some people, who will prefer smaller scales. Others tend to go for the bigger scales, or the outdoor capacity train. Suppose you want to buy the set as a gift for a person, you will need to confirm the scale that they already have.

• Consider the customization
You can decorate the model trains for any type of rail. If you want to customize it for the Santa Fe Steam engine or the Hudson and Delaware diesel engines, you can easily modify them. Technically, there is nothing like a top rail to model. Also, regardless of the decoration and customization of the first set, you can still change the railroad. Some people will choose trains that were their favorite choices in their youth. You will want to choose train sets that have been decorated for other common collectibles. These include the holiday and patriotic themes.

• The power
Earlier on, the train sets were developed with a basic power system. The power systems included transformers that supplied appropriate power to the train and its accessories. This allowed you to control the direction of the train along with its speed. Nonetheless, the speed was somewhat fixed and it wasn’t as accurate as such.

Currently, there are more advanced power supply systems from leading brands. Some brands have a basic power supply with a radio control that has other sound controls. A reliable power supply system must provide appropriate operation for many years. Also, it must support the large layout of the sets.

Most of the current model train set companies are developing the HO sets that are fitted with the Digital Command Control, DCC. The DCC offers an independent control of different locomotives with limited layout wiring. This is a faster system that allows you to control the train easily and with less difficulty. You can upgrade the DCC system without the need for re-equipping the decoder that is fitted in the locomotive.

• The track also matters
Most of the train sets will be fitted with an incorporated roadbed track, IRT. The IRT is a track that has a molded plastic base that is raised. This plastic base acts as the ballast and ties. Every brand will develop a line and give it their own name. This is an advanced track that is more recommended for the beginners, mostly those with the temporary layout. The track can fit well on a carpeted floor. The roadbed will offer a more realistic base and also, it will lift the track above the flooring. This will offer a locking mechanism that will hold the sections of the train set firmly.

One drawback with the IRT over the standard tracks is that it is not universal. This means that some train sets will not run on these advanced tracks. For that, when choosing the type of track for your rail set, ensure that you choose the right set that it will run on.

• Mind the price
The price is another common factor that you must keep in mind. The sets will range from around $20 to $500. This will depend on the model, the size and other remote factors. Ensure that you choose the right train set that is equivalent to its price. Regardless of the size and quality of the set, it should be affordable enough to buy and manage.

Always carry a deep research and ensure that you understand all the related factors before you can purchase the train set. You can try it out and feel the experience prior to buying it officially.

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